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Improving the brain-body connection for better skills in the game


Every time the body moves, it does so by receiving messages from the brain through many different neurological pathways. If any of these pathways becomes dysfunctional or insufficient somewhere along the way, the movements we tell our body to perform won’t be as strong and precise as we would like them to be. The way we strengthen these areas is the same way we strengthen any muscle in the body, by performing specific exercises that target the weak areas and providing them with the nutrients they need to grow. Implementing the approach of functional neurology with chiropractic care allows us to improve these pathways from beginning to end by treating both the body and brain and the communication between the two. 


When applying this approach to any sport, certain training goals may consist of increasing agility, balance, foot skills, or explosiveness, in addition to increasing overall strength and mobility. Familiar drills from team practices will be done in conjunction with neurological exercises that increase signaling to the pathways that are already being used by the muscles, allowing for  stronger development of skills.


Two of the most common functional deficits in athletes are balance problems and patterns of muscle weakness. One approach we might take to help improve balance is through using specific eye movements while performing different exercises. This helps strengthen the brain's ability to provide stability to the body while processing inputs of motion from the environment. In some cases of muscle weakness, certain patterns may suggest a greater overall weakness on one side of the body than the other. With these presentations exercises would be used that specifically target the weak side and regions of the brain that are connected to those muscles and their movement patterns. 


Each athlete will receive a full neurological assessment in order to evaluate what deficits are present and determine what areas need strengthening. Specific exercises will be provided according to the findings that incorporate both physical and cognitive activities. In addition to off site one-on-one training, chiropractic care can be provided at the clinic to manually address any physical limitations with the use of chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue techniques, such as ART and cupping. Nutritional counseling can also be provided. 


1 hour session

Initial           $100

Training       $75

Group pricing available upon request 

*Initial intakes include a full neurological and functional imbalance exam with an at-home neuro rehab program.

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