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Doctor of Chiropractic ⋅ Masters in Clinical Nutrition ⋅ Fellowship in Functional Neurology

Dr. Ariana D’Aurio graduated from New York Chiropractic College with a masters in Clinical Nutrition and certifications in muscular Active Release Technique and Sports Science and Human Performance. She spent her educational years working primarily with the pediatric and athletic populations and is now completing postdoctoral studies in Functional Neurology for performance and recovery enhancement. She incorporates neurological rehab and neurometabolic-based nutrition into conventional musculoskeletal treatments. Her philosophy behind chiropractic care is that the body is a naturally functioning organism that is able to heal and perform optimally when it’s provided with the right environments. 

About: My Practice

“A body that has systems working out of sync with one another is a recipe for dysfunction, which can present itself as anything from chronic pain and repetitive injuries to cognitive impairments and digestive or immune dysfunction. My role as a doctor is to help my patients determine the root cause of their symptoms, which requires understanding the communication throughout the body in order to identify where dysfunctions lie between the physical, neurological, and metabolic systems. Once these regions are addressed through manual work, dietary changes, and physical and neurological rehab, the human body is able to experience and sustain a more optimal level of function as a whole.”

- Dr. Ariana D’Aurio

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